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"Gositel", and is sometimes referred to. As the name suggests, the original variety gosiwon notice and weeks to prepare for the exam of candidates that target long-term residential facility, or any other candidate other than the cost of the people therefore much cheaper than housing are looking for. Gosiwon the main users of the student workers in the bakkwimyeonseo, 'gositel' is the name of the fashion in the name of 'Notice' where the word has been removed also increases, "wonrumtel ',' Minitel ',' mini-studio ',' living in Tel ', '~ House' where the same name is also advocated. [1] using gosiwon groups can be divided broadly into three categories, the first group of candidates, and the second group is the young single workers, the elderly, the third group , the disabled, and basic livelihood security subjects, and are low-wage and precarious workers and urban poor. [2] Thus the current gosiwon looks alone urban poor households form an unstable position was taken to a residence. [2]

Gosiwon 1980, seems to have appeared in both inside and outside, at the time of the Seoul slum housing redevelopment boom (shantytowns) turns to an apartment in the city center to buy low-cost housing by the poor disappeared. [3] At this time, the original purpose of the alteration gosiwon had been turned into housing for the poor. [3] Park Min-gyu novelist June 2004 one short story published in "handcuffs gosiwon cheryugi 'write these circumstances are as follows.

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